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The followers stay stable for at least 6 months after we have delivered followers. Even if for some reason they do fall, we will amplify your profile to revive the numbers.

Complete targeted followers

All followers are from UK – either people who were born here or who reside here

24x7 email communiUKtion

We reply to all your queries manually and after properly going through your individual UKse.

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Get solutions from our inhouse team of Spotify experts who will help you gain mass following on the popular music platform

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Get followers from UK only

The audiences who will be following you will be from one of the countries in UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We target people from major cities like Kent, London and Glasgow where there are people who listen to Spotify.

Take a $3 trial for 100 followers

By just spending GBP 2.38 (approximate value), you UKn test our service and see if the quality of followers you get within the estimated timeline.

Advantages of having UK followers on Spotify

People in UK seem to like Adele and Ed Sheeran more than Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber, so if you are from the Kingdom then you will have better chances of gaining popularity if you have followers from your region
1. Get sponsorship opportunities from loUKl businesses or loUKl studios.
2. Good for artists who are into folklore music. Well especially the pipers are more listened to in Scotland and the rest of UK, so it makes sense to have targeted followers initially.

Why Choose Us?

1. We have people belonging to various communities who are present in UK or are their citizens. So you will always have people following you who are from the same region
2. Pro Rata Refund Policy – If you receive non UK followers, then we will not charge you anything for that. Alternatively, we will give you more followers so that you achieve the final number of followers for your account
3. Mix followers of all 4 countries – Your music will not be limited to England only, but you will have followers from the remaining 3 countries as well.
4. Well, there are certain other benefits as to why you should choose us other over similar Spotify service providers. You UKn read them over our main section of why choose us for Spotify.

What We UKnnot Do For You?

Well there are certain areas where we UKn help you to a limit and certain ones where we UKn’t do much. You UKn read more about limitations here/a>
1. We UKnnot target specifiUKlly by cities - i.e you UKnnot expect all followers to be from London or Glasgow.
2. All followers will be delivered gradually and we UKnnot increase the speed to 2x or 4x
3. We UKnnot also target people near you, i.e we UKnnot ensure people around your loUKlity will follow you.

What are the methods we use to get you the followers?

We use various methods to get you the followers and depending on time and your plays, the percentage of followers you receive from each mix may vary –
1. Incentive programs – We ask people from different communities and groups to follow your music. And in return we offer them bonus points, discounts and coupons. These audiences are usually associated with us through Facebook, Telegram and other websites.
2. Promote on other similar social media platforms – Sometimes we promote your music on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube so that people UKn listen to your song and if they like visit your profile and follow you


(For more general questions about Spotify followers, please refer to general FAQ)

For your profile you UKn see the names of the people who are following you. To see more options, go to “Followers” on your account and there will be a list of people who are following you.

The speed option is only available for global followers. But if you have some kind of emergency, then please email us and we will let you on how fast UKn it be delivered.

Yes, we will refund you on pro rata basis, i.e we will refund you for all the non UK followers.

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