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For larger order please contact me at and we will share an invoice with you through PayPal/Payoneer. We are also offering 10% discount on any order paid through invoice.

Novice Package

Novice Package – Delivered within 2 days

Start@ $5

More Followers you buy, more discount you get!

Entrepreneur Package

Entrepreneur Package – Delivered within 3 days

Start@ $25

More Followers you buy, more discount you get!

Celebrity Package

Celebrity Package – Delivered within 3 to 5 days

Start@ $75

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How To Get Paid Followers

Step 1

Select your package

If you are new to Instagram, then try our Novice package for USD 5. If you have already claimed some dominance in Instagram, then you can try our Entrepreneur or Celebrity package for Instagram.

Step 2

Enter your Instagram profile URL or handle

You can simply copy and paste the URL of your Instagram profile or give your account name which starts with @. Then click “Buy Now” button .

Step 3

Checkout Page

Check if you have correctly entered your information and the package that you want. Then share your communication id - we will use this email to communicate with you. Then you can select to pay either via PayPal or card.

Step 4

Your order has been processed

You will receive an email from us once we start working on your order. You can see a growth in your Instagram followers within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Our Unique Features

Secured payment

We do not store your card details nor do we ask for it. We use PayPal as one of our main payment gateway meaning all your transactions are secured with us.

Full refund policy

In case we are unable to deliver on your order, we will refund you the complete amount.

24x7 email communication

We will reply to all your queries via email and are available 24x7

Free optimization techniques from experts

We will guide you on which hashtag to use, filter for your photos and how to use the latest features introduced by Instagram

TrustPilot Reviews

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What’s Our Clients Say

How We Work?

We use various strategies to ensure you have the highest probability of getting followers.
(please note that we may use one or all of the strategy we are about to mention, or we might use something completely different as well. For more information please email us)

1. Amplify your images on multiple groups

We amplify your posts on multiple groups related to your interests and target audience. We keep posting your posts throughout the day and people who like your posts choose themselves to follow you. We simply provide a link to your profile so that they can easily reach out to you.
Challenges - Getting people to follow you by just showing your posts means it depends a lot on your posts. We may show your posts to these audiences repeatedly but that might not affect at all unless the posts are that good.
Pros - Does not cost anything directly and it can be amplified to a large extent. But the followers do stay and interact a lot.
Cons - You won’t get many followers unless you are a celebrity or at least well known in that group.

2. Amplify your posts on paid groups

There are certain paid closed groups where people will follow you in exchange for following them, or providing them with points, coupons or any other discounts. Apart from amplifying your pics, we also offer them something in return for following you.
Challenges - Although it is an incentivized campaign, it still does not guarantee that people will follow you because the incentive is kept usually on the cheaper side
Pros - One of the faster ways to get followers without spending too much
Cons - The people who choose to follow you may at a later time decide to unfollow you after receiving gift

3. Facebook Ads for Instagram

We run ads using Facebook ads manager to ensure your posts reach out to many audiences. We simply boost your existing post to a set of target audiences whom we deem has the maximum possibility of following you.
Challenges - It is not quite easy to start running ads. First your Instagram account needs to be a business account, then it must be connected with your Facebook page and then you have to give us advertising access.
Pros - Any follower that you get or engagement you receive is never put under scrutiny no matter how dubious the follower is.
Cons - Facebook or Instagram does not give any guarantee for getting you followers even if you spend thousands of dollars

4. Promote on Websites

We promote your posts with some catchy headlines on some of the websites which are related to social media. This way your modified ad banners get a lot of impressions and some people might click on it and engage with you as well
Challenges - It takes a considerable amount of time to create banner ads and then hook it up with a network or publisher. We usually do it for our long term clients
Pros - People who end up following you have a high engagement rate and do not usually unfollow after some time
Cons - Works best for small celebrities only.

You have Questions?

We have Answers

Initially, giving your Instagram a boost is a very difficult task because you have not created a brand for your personality or for your product. So getting Instagram followers initially is a good option for social proofing. Once you have received followers, you will also start receiving likes for your products. Then you can post on a daily basis to ensure that you maintain and increase followers.

This totally depends on the number of followers that you require. The delivery starts within the first 24 hours and you will start seeing an increase in number of followers. The delivery gets completed within 3 to 6 days. We follow a robust procedure to ensure that you get the required number of followers that you desire.

Simply stop doing any activity on that Instagram account for the time period. Do not ask any other provider to increase your Instagram follower count. You will see the difference within 7 days. Once you share your requirement, our experts start immediately working on giving your Instagram followers a boost.

This is because even other companies buy Instagram followers from our website only. And that is why we offer the same services at the lowest cost. You can verify it by checking other websites and notice that they offer a dollar or two more than us. So why not cut out the middleman and start taking services from the source itself!

You can either drop an email to us or repeat your order and we will increase the same. We would like to have a long term relationship with you and hence are ready to go to any length to ensure you have the satisfaction after you have received our services

Instagram is one of the major social platforms that have over 1 billion users who are active every month. This means that it has an enormous potential from business point of view. If you have more number of followers on your business profile or your own profile, more people will get attracted and follow you to see why you are so important on social media. And then you can showcase your products/services.

The followers should stay as long as you keep engaging them. In case some people do choose to unfollow you, we will amplify your profile one more time to get you more followers.

No, your account will not get banned due to us. Instagram takes many things into consideration before closing an account. If you get any response from them, then please do let us know and we will look into this for you

We provide some automatic discount when you move from one package to another. But if you are looking for a better discount then please do email us and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Yes, each of our clients gets a dedicated account manager. The manager will be responsible for coordinating with you for daily updates, changes in strategy, and checking on the progress of your order.

No, you need not perform any activity to get followers. You simply have to keep posting good quality content and the rest is upto us. We do not encourage our clients to follow others for getting follow back as that messes up with their follower to following ratio.
Also liking somebody else’s post does not guarantee that the person will follow you back. And anyways, Instagram is removing the likes option gradually meaning this strategy will be even more less effective

We start within 12 hours from the time we receive your order. After that it takes around 24 to 48 hours to show you some progress on your profile. If you have opted for a small package, then we are able to deliver it within 3 to 5 days

There is no full proof method which can indicate which source has generated the followers. But we would request you not to use any second source while we are working on your profile. That way you can check how many followers have been delivered through our efforts.

No, we do not require any of your credentials. We would also urge you not to share your information with anyone else. Social Acceleratorz never asks for password. If some one says that they are from our company and asks for your credentials, please report it to us.

a) Choose your package and enter your URL. Then click “BUY NOW” button –
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b) Enter your communication email id (her we have used Julia’s email), and then click on “ PAY NOW”
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c) Now you have two options – either you can check out via PayPal or using your credit/debit card.
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i) Pay via PayPal – Click on the button “PayPal checkout”, then go to your account and pay
ii) Pay via card – Choose the simple grey colour button “Check Out”. Then share your card number and address to create a guest account. And then you can proceed to pay us.
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No, we use your information to only help you with gaining followers and engagements. We do not share your data with anyone else as per GDPR guidelines

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