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*This page is not about buying stock share of Google or YouTube. What we mean by share is increasing the number of times people shared your YouTube video *

Key features of our services:

● Totally compliant with all YouTube policies
● Buyer protection via PayPal
● Directly get in touch with our YouTube experts
● Get 10 shares at just $2

How do we do it?

● We take the video and amplify it on groups which are relevant to your industry. Many people watch your video and they themselves share it.
● We use Google Ads to promote your video on YouTube as well as other partner sites to show your video – we might get engagement but not always shares
● This is the best method of the lot – ask people to share it to their friends. We give incentives to audiences promote your video. This way they share it with their friends or in groups which are they are active.


For larger order please contact me at and we will share an invoice with you through PayPal/Payoneer. We are also offering 10% discount on any order paid through invoice.

Novice Package

Start@ $4

More Viewsyou buy, more discount you get!

Entrepreneur Package

Start@ $15

More Viewsyou buy, more discount you get!

Celebrity Package

Start@ $38

More Views you buy, more discount you get!



We start our process by first understanding the kind of audience viewing your content.


We select audiences from similar groups and then target them by amplifying your videos.


We repeat the process until the required number of Shares are received on your channel. We also use Google Ad campaigns to promote and target based on the physical location, peak time viewership, and demography of the audience to garner instant results.


The price of the campaign is based on the package you choose.


Financial Security

Your financial transactions are completely secured through PayPal.

Increase YouTube Views

You will notice growth in Viewswithin the first 24 Shares of sign-up, we’re that confident.

The Data Analytics

We analyze data for USA audiences to ensure the success of your delivery within the given time frame.

24x7 Customer Support

Just email us if you have any queries or want to increase your order size.

Advantages of buying YouTube shares:

1. Reach more targeted groups:

When your video gets shared by a particular group of people, it means that their friends or group members will also have the same interest. So your video gets seen by very targeted set of people.

2. Shares on other social media platforms:

YouTube allows you to share a video on other social media sites as well. A video trending on YouTube has high chances of getting famous on Facebook and Twitter.

3. A shared video has higher engagement rate:

This happens because their friends and see a video coming from someone they know. Likes and views are important, but when a person shares a video it means that video has correlates with the person.

4. Gain subscribers:

There are high chances but it does not necessarily mean they will subscribe to your channel. But if in your channel there are more than one video which catches the imagination of the person, then they do subscribe.

5. Indirect promotion:

When someone shares your video with a personalized caption, the followers or friends of the other person find it more trustworthy as it is coming from a known source. Buying shares can improve your brand image and give you a shoutout from a well-known figure.

6. Higher search rankings:

Higher activity and shares on your videos will give you better YouTube search ranking (as per some expert opinion, but we think that more shares means that more lpeople are liking the quality of your video).

Disadvantages of buying YouTube shares:

While there aren’t any straight and outright disadvantages of buying YouTube shares from us. There are certain things you must understand and accept. They are:

1. Our services are paid:

We don’t provide any free trial before you purchase our packages. We need to pay our experts for driving organic and genuine traffic your way, and it takes a lot of hard work and planning. But we offer a full money back in case your order isn’t delivered.

2. You need to retain shares:

We can provide you with the promised number of shares, but it’s on your company and content which will enable the users to re-share your upcoming videos. It would help if you were consistent, transparent and cautious with your content strategy.

3. We provide shares from regular audiences:

We can’t vouch that a celebrity or a bug YouTuber will share your video. The audience will be everyday people who will be genuinely interested in your content and will share your video for sure. They will have a name, profile picture and an active YouTube history.

TrustPilot Reviews

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What’s Our Clients Say

You have Questions?

We have Answers

We have served over 70,000 customers who can give you a testimony about their experience with us. We also offer you a 30-day claim for a full money back.

No, we don’t ask for any of your personal information like passwords and documents. We only require your channel’s URL link to start the process. Don’t share any of this information with anyone.

We have a refund policy which can be claimed within 30 days. The process of claiming the same is short and straightforward.

It is directly dependent on the size of the order. We start to divert the shares in small batches within 24 to 48 hours. We don’t provide them in bulk to avoid any unwanted attraction which can raise concerns about your credibility.

Not at all! The users sharing your videos are real people. They have a name; they engage with you and have an active YouTube history. Be assured that only legit traffic is coming your way.

We currently accept payments via PayPal and credit cards. These methods are safe and secured.

Your competitors are probably targeting the same audience base for getting shares. It is on your content and image to gather their fans to get you a share. We try to get most of them but can’t guarantee that all of them will share your video,

No, we don’t, and we have our reasons. Getting organic and engaging traffic isn’t a cakewalk, our team of experts work hard to get you results. We need to pay them sufficiently, and our services are the most affordable and trustworthy in the market.

Yes, it is. Given that, you still don’t need to be scared or sceptical of our services as we don’t supply bots. YouTube can only penalise or ban you if the track bots.

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