Refund Policy

This policy lays down the terms on which our refund policy is applicable. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible, but in case you are unable to understand the terms please do email us before opting service from us and we will help you out!

1. Our refund policy is applicable for 30 days from the date of purchase made on our website. The refund is applicable on the following cases –

A) The service was not completed on time. You can initiate for a full refund B) The full service was not provided as is declared on our website or as communicated with your account manager. You can initiate for a full refund C) Our service resulted in any sort of damage to your social media account. You can initiate for a full refund D) If the service is partially completed then you can opt for partial refund which will be based on pro rata basis. No additional charges will be applied on to you.

2. One must not file for a refund for the following cases –

A) The service has been completed. This is because we have already incurred costs for completing it B) The service has been completed and now you are asking for a different service. Once a service has been completed we cannot undo it and requesting for new service will incur charges

< 3. Cancellation – You can cancel your order within the first 24 hours of purchasing the service. We will provide you a full refund.

4. Paying through invoice – If you have not paid us through website but rather through an invoice on PayPal, even then all the above points (1, 2 and 3) are applicable.

Please email us at for any other questions.