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For larger order please contact me at and we will share an invoice with you through
PayPal/Payoneer. We are also offering 10% discount on any order paid through invoice.

Novice Package

Novice Package – Delivered within 2 days

Start@ $3

More Followers you buy, more discount you get!

Entrepreneur Package

Entrepreneur Package – Delivered within 3 days

Start@ $15

More Followers you buy, more discount you get!

Celebrity Package

Celebrity Package – Delivered within 3 to 5 days

Start@ $28

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How To Order From Our Website


Select your package

Select the package which best suits your requirement. If you are unsure about which package to buy or are not sure about our service, then simply buy the lowest from Novice Package to try our services.


Enter your Pinterest profile URL

Log in to your Pinterest app and copy the URL. Then paste this URL on the placeholder and click “Buy Now”. If you don’t know how to copy your profile URL, then checkout our FAQ section below.


Go to checkout page

Enter your communication email and then pay via PayPal or Credit Card. Check our FAQ section to see how to make a payment.


Your order has been processed

Thank you for ordering with us. You will receive an email from PayPal regarding the purchase you have made and then one from us once we have processed your order - which should be between 4 to 6 hours.

Our Unique Features

Pay via PayPal for 180 Days Buyer Protection Policy

Since you pay via PayPal, we offer you with 180 days protection policy, which means even after we have completed your order you get full protection upto 180 days. Essentially it means we will refill in case you loose followers.

24x7 Email Support

We will answer all your questions within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Please reach out to us before raising any dispute and we will sort it out

Non Drop Policy

All pinterest followers will keep following you and they will not get dropped after few weeks or months. We keep a constant check to ensure your profile maintains the followers you ordered.

Cheapest Pinterest Followers

We provide followers at lowest cost - $3 for 100 followers. If you pay via PayPal invoice, we will provide you with 10% discount as well

TrustPilot Reviews

(We thank our customers for going above and beyond to prove our credibility on TrustPilot)


What’s Our Clients Say

Buy Followers Starting at $3

We provide followers at the lowest rates. You can always buy 100 followers and check out the quality of our service

50% Discount for 1000 Followers

We offer the highest discount when you buy 1000 followers. Instead of paying $30, you just pay $15. And all followers gets delivered within 3 days.

Why Buy Followers From Us

We provide you with real quality, quick, and cheapest followers.
1. You can pay via any mode - PayPal, credit or debit card. This ensures your orders are covered with buyer protection.
2. Dedicated team to handle your orders - We have dedicated teams for all different services meaning your each order is handled by an expert.

Why Choose Us?

1. We have people belonging to various communities who are present in CA or are their citizens. So you will always have people following you who are from the same region
2. Pro Rata Refund Policy – If you receive non CA followers, then we will not charge you anything for that. Alternatively, we will give you more followers so that you achieve the final number of followers for your account
3. Mix followers of all 4 countries – Your music will not be limited to England only, but you will have followers from the remaining 3 countries as well.
4. Well, there are certain other benefits as to why you should choose us other over similar Pinterest service providers. You can read them over our main section of why choose us for Pinterest.

What We Cannot Do For You?

Well there are certain areas where we can help you to a limit and certain ones where we can’t do much. You can read more about limitations here
1. We cannot target specifically by cities - i.e you cannot expect all followers to be from London or Glasgow.
2. All followers will be delivered gradually and we cannot increase the speed to 2x or 4x
3. We cannot also target people near you, i.e we cannot ensure people around your locality will follow you.

What are the methods we use to get you the followers?

We use various methods to get you the followers and depending on time and your plays, the percentage of followers you receive from each mix may vary –
1. Incentive programs – We ask people from different communities and groups to follow your music. And in return we offer them bonus points, discounts and coupons. These audiences are usually associated with us through Facebook, Telegram and other websites.
2. Promote on other similar social media platforms – Sometimes we promote your music on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube so that people can listen to your song and if they like visit your profile and follow you


(For more general questions about Pinterest Views, please refer to general FAQ)

For your profile you can see the names of the people who are following you. To see more options, go to “Followers” on your account and there will be a list of people who are following you.

The speed option is only available for global followers. But if you have some kind of emergency, then please email us and we will let you on how fast can it be delivered.

Yes, we will refund you on pro rata basis, i.e we will refund you for all the non CA followers.

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