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For larger order please contact me at and we will share an invoice with you through PayPal/Payoneer. We are also offering 10% discount on any order paid through invoice.

Novice Package

Start@ $3

More Followers you buy, more discount you get!

Entrepreneur Package

Start@ $20

More followers for VIP members only. Email us to know more

Celebrity Package

Start@ $195

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Enter Your TikTok URL

Login to your TikTok account and copy your profile URL. Then paste this URL onto the buy section given below. Make sure your profile is public so that we can work on your TikTok account and increase Followers.


Select the package that you would like to buy from the drop down options. Remember that we offer higher discounts for larger packages. Click on Buy Now button .


Simply click checkout with PayPal. Now you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you can use your PayPal account or any other mode of payment.


Once you have made the payment, we will start delivering Followers within that day itself. You will receive the complete number of Followers within 3 to 6 days


Financial Security

Your financial transactions are completely secured through PayPal.

Increase Real TikTok Followers

You will notice results within the first 24 hours of sign-up, we’re that confident.

The Data Analytics

We analyze data for USA audiences to ensure the success of your delivery within the given time frame.

24x7 Customer Support

Just email us if you have any queries or want to increase your order size.

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What’s Our Clients Say

How to order followers from your website?

Please do the following steps to order followers for your account-
1. Choose Package -Choose which package suits your needs and then accordingly select the number of followers you require.Then click on that option.
2. Enter TikTok URL –Now enter the URL of the profile on whihc your require followers. Then click on the button "Buy Now", it will take you to another page
3. Enter Communication Email –In this page, you will have to put your email id on which we can communicate with you in order to update about the order progress
4. Choose Your Payment Method –Now you will be redirected to PayPal page where you can see all the orders. Here select the payment method - PayPal or Credit/Debit card
5. You Will Receive An Email –Once you have made the payment successfully, we will send you an email within the next 6 hours indicating that we started working on your order.

Cost of buying TikTok followers

The prices are updated as of September 2020
1. Novice Package (Smallest Order)- $3 for 100 followers and $7 for 500 followers
2. Novice Package (Popular order) – USD 11 for 1000 Tiktok fans
3. Entrepreneur Package – 2000 followers for USD 20.This package has the highest discount rate and is very popular among the entrepreneurs
4. New Price (10000 followers for $99) – We have revised our prices and reduced it to half

What payment methods you use and how secure they are?

We use PayPal as our primary payment gateway as they have higher buyer protection laws. In case you have a credit or debit card, you can still process through PayPal by choosing the Credit/Debit card button during checkout.
1. High Buyer Protection- PayPal is known to provide high protection against any scammers.
2. 6 Month Guarantee – In case you are unahppy with our service, then you can file a claim even after 180 days from the date of purchase of service
3. Transactional Security – All your financial data is stored securely. We do not get any information w.r.t to your PayPal account or any financial data
4. No Extra Charges – They do not charge anything extra from the buyers.(However, we sellers do have to pay transactional fee)

Top 5 ways to get followers instantly

The only way to get followers instantly is through bots (we would urge you to be cautious while purchasing especially when you are looking to get more than thousand followers). But there are certain legitimate ways through which you can gain followers quickly without having to wait for 6 months to get some sort of engagement
1. TikTok's Advertising Platform
You can sign up to their self serving platform on which you can promote videos. Although there is no option for increasing followers, but in general if your videos are good and you know the right set of people to target, then you can use this platform to gian followers quickly. It will take around 48 hours to start and then within a week you can see the numbers grow. The number gained will be directly proportional to the quality and topic of the video, and the type of audiences who have seen and engaged with it.
2. Follow/Unfollow Method
You can simply follow budding artists and ask them to follow you back. You can also write it in your profile so that everyone knows that you will follow them back. Here the number of followers gained is proportional to number of interested people followed. If you have followed someone who deos not follow you back within the next 7 days, then do unfollow them. Also a neat trick is to unfollow people who have followed you after almost 1 month when the other person have also gained sufficient number of followers so that person does not notice the drop in 1 follower.
3. Leverage Other Social Media Accounts
If you happen to have other social media accounts, especially related to video like YouTube, Likee or Instagram, then you can ask followers from those accounts to follow you on TikTok. Engage with them one-on-one to gain good faith with the audiences.The number increase will depend on the number of loyal followers you have on other social media channels. It would take around a week to start showing results.
4. Duet With Famous Personality
You can record your video with other famous personalities or you can give reactions, comments on them. This way TikTok will promote some of your videos to some fans of that personality to see if you receive engagement. If your videos are of good quality then you might see a sudden increase in followers. The increase in followers is not guaranteed, but it is a free and ver legitimate method to get followers.
5. Pay An Influencer
You can ask an influencer to ask his/her fans to follow your account. Before you pay, make sure your profile looks good and has interesting videos. Also if your video type is similar to that of the influencer's, then there are high chances of getting more followers. The influencer will also need to create a video or two with you featuring in them and then in the description mention your tiktok account.

Get 1000 TikTok Followers - Organic and Paid

There are quite a few ways to increase your follower count by 1000. The free ways take times and the paid ways might cost your pocket a little bit.
1. Niche Hashtags (Organic Method)
Use hashtags to get your video organically show up on people's searches when they search for related video topics. You will have to use upto 3 hashtags and different variations of the same topic to reach more users. It might take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to get 1k followers. However, the followers are mostly non drop and will never have a negative implication on your account.
2. Buy Followers (Paid Method)
You can buy 1000 followers for $11 from us. Simply choose the Entrepreneur package and enter your account URL and followed by your email id. You will start getting followers within 6 hours and all 1k followers will be delivered within 48 to 72 hours. The process we use is simple - we hand out your URL to a number of publishers who then amplify it so that many people can view your account and then follow you. We mostly use video channels to ensure more interested people end up following you so that the drop rate is less. The followers are also guaranteed

Top 3 Cheapest TikTok Followers

We are presenting you with the top 3 options which you can buy from our website or order through invoice. For paying through invoice we will give you 10% more followers, meaning you have an even better deal.As on November 2020, we have reduced our prices to half. Check our prices above.
1. Small Order (100 followers for $3)
This package is for people who have just started their tiktok account and also for those who would like to test our service. If you buy through our invoicing system, then we will provide you with 110 followers.
2. Medium Package (500 followers for $11 - now you pay $7)
Instead of paying $15 as per the normal prices, you have to pay only $7 for 500 followers. And if you opt for our invoicing system, then we will get you 550 followers for the same amount.
3. Medium Package (1000 followers for $11)
This is one of the most popular packages among the audiences who have gained some followers organically. You get 1200 followers for $11 (earlier $20)if ordered through invoice or 1k for the same amount.
4. Mega Package (10000 followers for $99)

This package is for influencers who would like to get their followers up quickly. It takes around 3 to 5 days to get all 5k followers 5. Mega Package (20000 followers for $195)
We offer 20k followers for $195 instead of $300. Moreover you get 2000 followers more if you pay via PayPal invoice.

You have Questions?

We have Answers

Yes, getting an agency or service provider to increase your followers is a safe option until you opt for bots. You can pay people to follow you although that will not result in any engagement with your videos.

In a day we can easily get you upto 1000 followers.

An influencer generally has more than 100k followers who are very loyal and like, view or comment on almost all of their videos. It is not sufficient enough to have followers, but they should also interact with you. And more number of loyal followers you have, the higher and better brand endorsements you can get.

TikTok has more than 10 million active users per month (as of September 2020).And 40% of them spend more than 30 minutes everyday watching videos. So you do have a sgeer volume of people who are highly engaged on it. If you know the geography and demography of your target audience then you can surely reach out to them through your videos. Simply create an engageing video, sign up with TikTok Ads and then promote your video with a call to action tovisit your website. It will definetly help increase your brand name and accelerate the buying process.

If you get your followers through legitimate sources then TikTok should not be banning you. But if you get bots as followers then there might be a slight risk of them banning you. However, the shadow ban has more to do with the video you post and the hashtags you use - if you do anything that violates their community guidelines, then they might ban you for sometime.

If you are using our services, then no. We won't ask you to follow others. Just that keep creating new videos and talk to your followers and take their feedback into consideration while creating any new video. This way you will have higher follower retention rate.

All profiles are given to your real fast and are by regular users. We don't do anything spammy to ensure complaince with TikTok.

Your account will never get banned due to our service. We take all measures and follow all guidelines laid down by TikTok to ensure your profiel is safe. We mostly do TikTok ads to ensure you get maximum exposure.

No, absolutely not. Infact we would request you not to share your password with anyone. We just require your TikTok profile URL to get you Followers.

TikTok is one of the major social platforms that have over 300 million users who are active every month. This means that it has an enormous potential from business point of view. If you have more number of Followers on your business profile or your own profile, more people will get attracted and follow you to see why you are so important on social media. And then you can showcase your products/services.

No. In case some users decide to unfollow you or their account gets deleted, we will get you more followers. As long as you keep posting videos, the drop rate is less than 1% and even if it happens we will amplify your account to get the lost number of followers

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