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Once you have done the payment we will start delivering likes within the first 24 hours. You will receive the complete number of likes within 3 to 6 days depending on the number of likes required.


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Initially, giving your TikTok a boost is a very difficult task because you have not created a brand for your personality or for your product. So getting TikTok likes initially is a good option for social proofing. Once you have received sufficient number of likes, you can grow them organically by posting similar kind of images on your posts

This totally depends on the number of likes that you require. The delivery starts within the first 24 hours and you will start seeing an increase in number of likes. The delivery gets completed within 3 to 6 days. We follow a robust procedure to ensure that you get the required number of likes that you desire.

Simply stop doing any activity on that TikTok account for the time period. Do not ask any other provider to increase your TikTok Likes count. You will see the difference within 7 days. Once you share your requirement, our experts start immediately working on giving your TikTok Likes a boost.

This is because we are the source of increasing likes on TikTok posts and images. Other companies offering likes also get the orders from us only since we also offer B2B services. We provide quality likes on your posts that too without any delay. You can see that they are always offering likes at a higher price than us, at least a dollar or two.

You can either drop an email to us or repeat your order and we will increase the same. We would like to have a long term relationship with you and hence are ready to go to any length to ensure you have the satisfaction after you have received our services

TikTok is one of the major social platforms that have over 1 billion users. The business opportunity on it is enormous, especially businesses which are targeting the youth. Products which get more likes generally tend to have more sale. This is very psychological since people always want to buy that is more in the trend and getting likes on TikTok page affirms the trend.