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Novice Package

Start@ $3

3 days promotion
Guaranteed followers
Single channel amplification
Global geographic targeting

Entrepreneur Package

Start@ $20

5 days promotion
Guaranteed followers
Multi channel amplification
Geographic targeting
No big discounts

Celebrity Package

Start@ $99

5 to 10 days promotion
Guaranteed followers
Custom order available
Custom targeting
10% discounts on invoice
Hashtag optimization
Select 2 videos for amplification
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We analyze your TikTok profile to understand the type of audiences you would attract and accordingly show your profile to similar audiences.


We create your campaign, segregate data of our target customers and amplify your profile to attain maximum reach and visibility.


We check the results and analyze the data to see from which type of audience you have received maximum followers and then optimize accordingly


Our efforts are always focused towards keeping you updated via email. You can also reach out to us 24x7, we are always available.

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You have Questions?

We have Answers

Yes, we try our best to ensure you get the followers and engagement you have requested for. If you have any specific requirements, then please do email us and we will be happy to look into it. Although we would like to inform you that the more specific your targeting is, the lesser number of followers you should expect. If you can let us know what is your targeting, we will definitely help you out with the engagement numbers.

Absolutely no. We never ask for a password and you should never share it with anyone else.

You should have at least one video so that we can promote it. But we always encourage our clients to have atleast 10 videos and keep updating new videos in a week to ensure we have more creatives to play around and get more engagement.

We employ many strategies to ensure you get followers and the kind of engagement you deserve. Sometimes we use all of them, sometimes one and sometimes none. (Please bear with us, it is going to be a long answer :) )
1. Amplifying on groups - we amplify on groups where there are audiences who like to watch videos and share with their friends. We keep posting your videos there on a regular basis to gain more attention
2. Amplifying on groups (incentivized promotion) - We do all the amplification as explained in step 1 and additionally we also ask the people to engage with you in return for some gifts. Those who are interested in your video and our offer, they follow you and like your videos.
3. Advertising - We use paid advertising to gain exposure on different websites, apps and video platforms. A short link to your TikTok profile is given along with the video to ensure people can look you up on TikTok.
4. Publishers - There are many group of publishers and vendors who help us in getting you followers, views and engagement by using various techniques of their own

Well, from our point of view that totally depends on the type of business you are into. If you are a social media influencer or your business is related to fashion, beauty, entertainment or food, then yes it is helpful. It will boost your online visibility and garner more fame for your brand

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